Wind Rider 1 Yacht

Wind Rider 1 Yacht
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Project Name: Windrider 1
Project Size:1700㎡
Principle Partners: Ju Bin, Qinchao Pan / Horizontal Design
Design Team: Dayu Guo, Yao Hu, Xingyue Lei
Technical Support Team: Hongming Nie, Kai Hu, Zhibing Mo, Junhua Li, Luokai Zhang, Ruixiang Hua
On-site Designer: Kai Hu
Soft Decoration/Material Team: Yangwen Deng, Jiongbin Qin, Qiong Luo, Yuhua Chen, Yuefei Lu
Project Owner: China Cup International Regatta
Project Manufacturer: Heysea Yachts Company Limited
Article Written by: Qinchao Pan

Photography: Xufeng Jing
Designed: 09/2016 - 05/2017
Built: 03/2017 - 12/2020

Yacht Design Category and Navigating Zone
Category:Category II
Navigating Zone: Offshore area, no more than 200n mile from sea shores,Significant wave height no more than 4 meters. 

Main Dimensions and Factors
Total Length: 44.70m
Yacht body length: 43.10m
Waterline length: 42.00m
Molded Breadth: 12.15m
Moulded Depth: 5.20m
Designed Draft: 2.95m
Full Load Displacement: 506.5t
Main Engine: 2×1001hp
Generator Set: 2×120kW
Speed (half load, deep slack Water): 15kn
Crew: 12 

Windrider 1 has come to life in four years, becoming possible from the impossible. Having the best technological support and resources from across the world, it breaks the boundary of spatial design, bringing the best of it from where our foot stands to where the ocean flows. A great yacht design can speak more than merely luxury or extravagance. Rather, it gives more solemnity and calmness from the purity, honesty, and fineness. The opening on the prow with the shape of the phoenix eye, the gill-look notch on the sides, and the champagne finish, all give this 44.7m long catamaran yacht grace and lightness, making itself a piece of moving architecture on the ocean.

The idea of this yacht design comes from the will of our client who wants to create a super yacht that is designed and built in China, showing unique lifestyle and values of China, and containing every cultural element of this part of the Eastern world. Therefore, there are spaces solely for tea and board games, merging emotions and cultures with functions. The yacht itself becomes a carrier that combines human, culture and ocean. 

The four floors of the yacht contain association of activity and inertia, with the functions to be tea-game living room, bedrooms, suites, and entertainment areas. Shades of grey, leather and linen in beige, light champagne-colored painted panels, the color and material choice presents the modesty and zen from the Eastern culture, giving it frank and honest characteristics. And all these materials can be assembled individually in pieces and in butt joints. 

Besides the interpretation from the perspective of academics and experiential perceptions, there are also art pieces in the design that speaks to the nature around it. It’s also a performance of lifestyle, values and thinking. The art pieces can be drawings from Wuji Zhao to the works of Yuyi Jin that shows the dream of disabled children towards the infinite ocean. Contemporary arts present different themes in different stage settings. The complexity and diversity co-exists, emphasizing the uniqueness of the space it exists in. 

 Windrider 1 fuses the charm from in and out of Chinese culture, making itself the saloon above the ocean.