“Ju” Series

“Ju” Series
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Brand: Maxmarko
Designer: Ju BIn
Assistants in Design: Zhang Xuanrong, Dong shiyu 
Year of Design: 2018
Fabricated in: Beijing
Author of the Project Statement: Ju Bin

This is a story of Chinese furniture told by “wood” itself, comforting and graceful. 


I have always been looking for within the domestic furniture brands objects that represents a relatively idea design expression and also the craftsman spirit, henceforth Maxmarko “Ju” Series came along. 


A preliminary five-year plan lays out our thoughts: this year wood itself is the focus; next year a few more materials will be explored in relation to wood; the year after gearing towards a more modern and urban product… All that’s beyond is some expectations of future, extensions of and complements to this year’s “Ju” Series. 

I have always liked the character “Ju” and its reference to Jade. An ancient Chinese folklore collection, The Classic of Poetry, had described the“Ju” jade  used as a love token responding to the gifts of pursuers, which are fruits harvested from the woods. This connection between the wood and “Ju”implies their common meaning of clarity, honesty, warmth and uniqueness through time.  


The Orient has always been associated with wood, which is a symbol for germination and growth in a state of constant but modest extension. The peace in the object of wood is transferred into one’s mind. I should say that “Ju” Series represents my contemplations in making furniture, while co-opting the mechanics of the body to ensure comfort, also satisfying the needs of contemporary living for in the cultural and spiritual realms. 


“Ju” Series is an attempt to simply do things well, to control the quality and the expense, and ultimately to express a collection of Oriental preoccupations. Iterations after iterations in the use of line and planes is the condensation of many years of design practice in furniture.